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About Us

Whitby Flowers is one of the most trusted and affordable flower shops in the seaside town port of Canada. They have been selling and delivering the freshest, fragrant and loveliest bouquets of flowers to customers not only across the Canada but across the United States as well. We at Whitby Flowers have been consistently sending thousands of high quality of flowers throughout the year especially in the busiest time of the year which is Valentine’s Day. We do not only deliver and sells flowers to your loved ones during the love month but we also deliver during birthday’s, weddings, anniversaries or any type of occasion.

Whitby Flowers is a flower shop business that was open last January 2001. It started as small shop that only sells roses and eventually the business expanded and relocated into a bigger place to become an established flowers shop. Whitby Flowers now sells and delivers a wide variety of flowers and we also make gift baskets as well. You have three accesses to order. You can order online, call our landline or visit us personally in our store. Feel free to contact Whitby Flowers for flower delivery anytime of the year.